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PCDI Online Faculty & Staff

PCDI Canada is a division of Ashworth College and shares Ashworth’s online faculty and staff. We are proud of the commitment and professional expertise of our dedicated faculty and staff. Our educational administrators and academic advisors have extensive experience in career education. They are also experts in proven online learning strategies.

Our career program and high school program faculty have excelled as practicing professionals in their career fields and are ready to help you succeed.


Our Online Faculty

Eric Ryall, Registrar

Eric Ryall, Registrar

Eric earned a bachelor's degree from West Georgia University in 2004 and has been with Ashworth College since then. He looks forward to continuing to help students enroll in the programs of study they need to further their career goals.

Kelsha Abraham, MBA, Degree Administrator

Kelsha Abraham, Manager, Faculty and Academic Affairs

Kelsha earned her Master's degree in Business Administration from Upper Iowa University in 2009 and her Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from Clemson University in 2000. She has been a private tutor and also co-founded a nonprofit company focused on improving math results for Georgia students. She later achieved an advanced leadership position with AT&T. Kelsha is currently pursuing her doctorate in psychology. She supervises Ashworth College academic and grading services, online instructors and online contracting for our career and degree programs.