Student Life

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PCDI Canada Student Resources is the means by which our students connect with one another and the faculty. We encourage all students to get involved in order to enhance their educational experience. Students and graduates are encouraged to stay connected through our online PCDI Community, Facebook Fan page, blog posts and more.

  • Online Communities

    Enhance your online learning experience in the PCDI Community. Connect with other students on our community forum, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Student Portal

    Our versatile, user-friendly Student Portal keeps you connected with your online studies, instructors and peers. Learn more.

  • PCDI Canada Blog

    Our blog highlights our programs, workforce news, time management tips, job hunting and other discussions that are relevant to our students. Start reading.

  • Graduation

    Learn about our annual graduation festivities and watch video of student success stories, graduation ceremonies and more. Learn more.

  • Career Services

    Throughout your studies, you’ll see the Career Services Corner included in your coursework. This early access to our Career Services is designed to help you translate your lessons into career development skills. Learn more at our Career Services page.

Enjoy Your Student Life!

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