Why PCDI Canada?

Affordable, Accredited Online Training

Get ready for better career opportunities at your PC or other device! PCDI Canada online training offers the non-traditional student a way to pursue higher education without setting foot in a physical classroom. You’ll earn your diploma, and in many cases, a professional certification or membership at no extra cost.

Since 1987, PCDI Canada and its affiliates have worked to provide relevant career training and educational enhancement through accredited online programs. Our flexible and affordable online study courses will help you get trained, get connected and get ahead.

We Deliver Education On Your Terms

Can I fit school into my busy lifestyle, work schedule and family commitments? At PCDI Canada, you can! We've removed the barriers between you and the education you need, so you can achieve your education and career goals on your terms.

Three Reasons Why PCDI Works

  1. PCDI Canada is a leader in providing integrated career training

    Our training programs are developed by academic and industry professionals and provide the foundation for your career by teaching you what you need to know to get to work. But we go further, by integrating a professional certification or membership in a professional organization in many of our programs, at no extra cast. Professional certification from reputable third party certification agencies helps you measure and demonstrate your knowledge. Membership in a professional organization helps you become a member of your chosen profession and demonstrate your interest and commitment. Whether you are looking for a job or to start your own business, integrated training will help you get connected and get ahead.

  2. PCDI Canada is affordable

    Our liberal tuition policy helps students meet their education goals without the burden of student loans and interest fees. Customize your monthly payments to fit your budget with no hidden fees. Textbooks, learning materials, academic guidance, professional certification or membership (where applicable) and career support are all covered in your school costs.

  3. PCDI Canada fits your schedule

    No need to drop everything to be a successful PCDI Canada student. Your lessons are fully self-paced, giving you the flexibility to choose when, where and how you study. Enjoy a lifestyle-friendly learning experience.

PCDI Canada is the affordable online training school. Call 1-800-535-1613 or enroll online now!