Introducing: Penn Foster’s Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Diploma Program

While PCDI is no longer accepting enrollments in our Hotel and Restaurant Management Program, we’re excited to introduce you to our partner school, Penn Foster.

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If you like working with people and leading teams, and you want a job where you can grow, Penn Foster’s online Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Diploma might be perfect for you. You can learn how to manage a restaurant or hotel from home, fitting your studies around your own schedule.


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This program can prepare you for management jobs in restaurants, hotels, resorts, or even on cruise ships. You'll cover important topics like team management, accounting, scheduling staff effectively, and more in our online courses.

After finishing the program, you'll be able to take the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) ServSafe Manager certification exam. This certification is usually required for managers in places where they handle food regularly.

Why Penn Foster?

Penn Foster has been on a mission to help people like you obtain skills and achieve their career goals for more than 130 years. We provide students with a quality education that fits their busy lifestyle and budget, offering over 100 self-paced, career-relevant programs across our College, Career School, and High School. Every course is designed to work with your schedule, anytime, anywhere you want to study. With a focus on relevant skills and career prep for the job you’re after, Penn Foster can help you graduate with confidence and help provide a guide towards your career goals.

What You'll Learn in Penn Foster’s Online Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Diploma Program

  • How to recruit, interview, and manage employees including how to determine staffing needs and the scheduling of responsibilities.
  • How to plan a restaurant menu that accounts for customer preference, nutrient content, wording regulations, and pricing needs.
  • How to enforce rules for hygienic food handling and washing of dishes, utensils, and other items.
  • How to understand the duties and responsibilities of various positions you'll oversee as a hotel or restaurant manager.

Penn Foster’s Online Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Diploma Program

In our accredited Hotel and Restaurant Management course curriculum, you'll learn the skills and knowledge that can help you prepare to start a rewarding career in hospitality management. Your online units include:

  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Managing People
  • Cost Controls
  • Restaurant and Banquet Service
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Learn More About the Penn Foster Experience

At Penn Foster, we think online learning can make a big difference in people's lives, and it should be available to everyone. That's why we've made our programs affordable and tailored to fit your needs. You can learn and improve your skills for the job you want, all at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Program FAQs

What jobs can you get with a hotel and restaurant management career diploma? 

With a diploma in both hotel and restaurant management, you're prepared for a variety of careers in the hospitality and tourism industry! After graduating, you may qualify for jobs as a hotel manager, restaurant manager, venue event coordinator, and more.

What certifications are important in the hospitality industry? 

There are a variety of certifications and credentials you can add to your hospitality resume depending on the career path you're interested in! Most of them aren't required to get a job in the field but can help you stand out from other applicants and enhance your industry knowledge. Some exams you may want to sit for after graduating from your program include:

  • Certified Hospitality Supervisor
  • Certificate in Food service Management
  • Certificate in Hospitality Management

Additionally, for those working with food or as a restaurant manager, sitting for the ServSafe Food Handler certification can be helpful! While it's not required in every state, many do have health regulations that require workers in the food industry to have this certification. Once you complete your hotel and restaurant manager training with Penn Foster, you can take the exam at no additional cost!

What is the career outlook for the hotel and restaurant industry? 

The hotel and restaurant industry includes a wide variety of career paths from hotel management to working at convention centers. Some sectors of the hospitality industry may see more growth than others. For example, jobs in the hotel sector are expected to grow faster than average over the next decade.

What are some important skills required for being a hotel or restaurant manager? 

To be a successful manager in any field, it's important that you have strong leadership skills, great written and verbal communication, and sharp interpersonal skills. You'll be work with a wide assortment of coworkers and clients, so it's important to be able to communicate and help every individual effectively. Outside of people skills, you'll also want to be detail-oriented, organized, and have strong problem-solving skills.


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Statements found in the United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook are not a guarantee of any post-graduation salary, in part because the data used to create the Occupational Outlook Handbook includes workers from differing educational backgrounds, levels of experience, and geographic areas of the country.

What is Penn Foster?

PCDI is part of the Penn Foster Network. Penn Foster, PCDI’s partner school, has been a leading provider of distance education and online, career-focused training programs for over 130 years. Like PCDI, Penn Foster’s programs are affordable, fully online, and self-paced, allowing you to build skills and prepare for the job you want on your terms.