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PCDI Canada Students Benefit With CID

on Thursday, 30 April 2015.

OAKVILLE, Ontario - PCDI Canada's partnership with Certified Interior Decorators International, through which it has integrated a one year membership in CID, as well as the CID Certification Review Course and Entrance Exam, into its Interior Decorating program has been well received and is now approaching its first anniversary. Students who enrolled in the integrated program on or after May 13, 2014 are eligible, on graduation, to become members of CID and to take the CID Certification Review Course and Entrance Exam, an online review course and proctored examination of interior decorating knowledge and skill, at no additional cost.

"Certified Interior Decorators International is a well recognized professional association and educational institution for interior decorating professionals," Michael Scott, General Manager of PCDI Canada said. "We agreed to include CID membership and certification in our Interior Decorating program in the belief that helping students get connected to their chosen career, through professional certification and membership will enhance their chances of professional success and career satisfaction. Since our relationship with CID has been established, interest in the program has been strong. To us, it is clear that students and prospective students recognize the benefit of professional certification and professional membership to their career goals. This confirms our belief that the professional training that PCDI provides, coupled with the professional connection of organizations like CID is a powerful combination for those wishing to establish, or improve, their careers."

PCDI Canada, based in Oakville, Ontario, is the Canadian division of Ashworth College, a leading US distance educator based in Norcross, Georgia. PCDI has been serving Canadian since 1987.

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Certified Interior Decorators International, based in Stuart, Florida, is a leading trade association and educational institution for interior decorating professionals. It has been serving the interior decorating industry since 1997.