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PCDI Canada Initiates Event Planning Program with MPI Membership Included

on Saturday, 01 August 2015.

OAKVILLE, Ontario - PCDI Canada recently initiated its new Event Planning program with a one year student membership in Meeting Professionals International included at no extra cost.  The Event Planning program provides foundation training to those who are interested in the planning of meetings, conferences, trade shows, receptions and other events of a business or social nature.  PCDI Canada began accepting students into this new and exciting program as of July 1 and each new student will automatically receive, during the course of the program, a one year student membership in MPI, a leading international trade association for event planning professionals.

"We are excited to be offering our new Event Planning program to Canadian students," Michael Scott, General Manager of PCDI Canada said.  "We feel that the event planning field is a promising one and that our foundation training will help graduates access opportunities in the field.  As well, MPI is a well-recognized event planning organization and the membership that is included in the program can be accessed easily and without cost.  We feel this will provide students with a valuable connection to their chosen profession."

PCDI Canada, based in Oakville, Ontario, is the Canadian division of Ashworth College, a leading US distance educator based in Norcross, Georgia. PCDI has been serving Canadians since 1987.

Meeting Professionals International is a large and vibrant global meeting and event planning organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  It was founded in 1972 and has members in 22 countries.