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PCDI Canada Accreditation Re-Issued

on Friday, 01 September 2017.

DUNDAS, Ontario - PCDI Canada is pleased to announce that its accreditation by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission has been re-issued for five years from January 2017 to January 2022. As well, PCDI has, for the first time, been accredited in its own name, as a stand-alone institution. In the past, PCDI was included as a unit in the accreditation of Ashworth College, PCDI's parent company.

"We are pleased that the DEAC has reviewed our operations and found that we continue tooperate on a sound basis, educationally and operationally," Michael Scott, General Manager of PCDI said. "We are also pleased that the DEAC has seen fit to judge us as a stand-aloneCanadian institution rather than simply as a unit of Ashworth College.," he continued.  "While we have a close relationship with Ashworth, we do operate independently in the Canadian market and this latest DEAC accreditation reflects that fact. In any event, DEAC accreditation, whether as an Ashworth unit or an independent institution, is an important seal of approval for our students and prospective students."

About Distance Education Accreditation Commission 

The Distance Education Accreditation Commission is an accreditor of distance education institutions based in Washington D.C. It has been operating since 1926.

About PCDI Canada

PCDI Canada, based in Dundas, Ontario, is the Canadian division of Ashworth College, a leading U.S. accredited online educator based in Norcross, Georgia. PCDI has provided non-traditional Canadian students with educational opportunities since 1987. To learn more about online career training from PCDI, visit www.pcdi.ca.