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Graphic Design Careers

Jobs in Graphic Design

Jobs in graphic design are popular for people who have a flair for the arts and want to earn good money with their specialized skills. As a graphic designer you may use your creativity to design website content, magazine ads, brochures and marketing pieces. Because most organizations need these kinds of materials to stay in business, your skills may be in great demand.

The Government of Canada Job Bank forecasts good employment opportunities for graphic designers and artists in many localities. Professionally trained graphic designers who can manage the design and production process for clients have the best chances for success.

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Know the Requirements for Success. It is important to remember that licensing, apprenticeship, certification, training or other requirements may be applicable to some careers in some or all provinces or localities or to jobs with some employers. As a result, we strongly advise you to check with your provincial or local government (for example licensing board or apprenticeship agency) or potential employers to find out whether any of these requirements are applicable to the career or job that you have chosen.