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An HVAC Technician Course Can Heat Up Job Prospects

Written by PCDI Canada on Tuesday, 12 December 2017. Posted in Trades

An HVAC Technician Course Can Heat Up Job Prospects

A knowledgeable HVAC technician is a hot commodity who should have steady workflow for years to come. Since nearly every home and business contains a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, nearly every home and business needs the services of an HVAC technician for installations, maintenance and repair.

Sound like a hot, money-making career path for you? You could be ready to start answering those work orders in as few as four months if you enroll in the Heating and Air Conditioning Career Diploma Program at PCDI Canada today.

What Does an HVAC Technician Do?

The profile of an HVAC technician can vary depending on your abilities and interests.

If you’re technically inclined and like working with your hands, you may prefer to work on job sites as part of a team doing HVAC system installations, maintenance or repairs. If you’re dependable and good with people, you might do well as an independent contractor who offers HVAC services to homes and businesses. If you’re all of the above and business-savvy, too, you might consider starting your own company.

How Does an HVAC Technician Course Prepare Me?

A career diploma program like the Heating and Air Conditioning course at PCDI Canada prepares you with coursework on the safety, technical and professional considerations of the field.

As an HVAC technician, you’ll be working in environments where safety should be top of mind. Your coursework will give you a good understanding of how professional, environmental and governmental organizations regulate the handling of chemicals and machinery in HVAC workplaces. Additional lessons will dig into HVAC and refrigeration cycles, the components within each system and the science behind how they work. Finally, lessons will introduce you to standard tools and procedures, system design and installation, and troubleshooting and repair.

What Happens When I Graduate?

Once you complete your coursework, you’ll have a head start on everyone who’s starting as a completely inexperienced apprentice HVAC technician.

Each province and job title may have additional licensing requirements but, upon graduation, the PCDI Canada HVAC technician course will set you up for one certification required for everyone who works with refrigerants: the United States EPA 608 certification exam offered by the ESCO Institute.

Take the Heating and Air Conditioning course at PCDI Canada, get certified under EPA 608 and you’ll be ready to land one those hot HVAC technician jobs!

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