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How to Become a Dog Trainer

Written by PCDI Canada on Tuesday, 07 November 2017. Posted in Trades

How to Become a Dog Trainer

Training to become a dog trainer can lead to a lifetime of fun working with puppies and dogs!

Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or brand new to the world of domestic animals, if you’re thinking of a career (or life) that includes dogs, acquiring some dog training skills will be incredibly valuable to you. The Dog Obedience Career Diploma program at PCDI Canada can provide guidance if you’re new to dog training or just looking to refine your skills as a pet parent.

What is Dog Obedience?

Obedience training teaches a dog to respond to human directions. Words, sounds, and signals can all be used to tell a dog to “sit,” “stay,” “roll over,” etc. Teaching a dog to obey commands is the core of a dog trainer’s job description.

While learning how to become a dog trainer with the PCDI Canada program, you’ll get lessons on dog behavior and development. Figuring out if a student dog responds better to rewards or punishments leads to more effective training. Understanding breed characteristics and biology also leads to more effective training. You’ll learn how to put these considerations together and read a dog’s signals to you so you can have effective two-way communication about teaching/learning to be obedient.

How Long Do I Have to go to School to Become a Dog Trainer?

The program at PCDI Canada can be completed in as few as four months. It includes 5 lesson groups, the last of which covers dog training as a business. Each lesson group includes up to 3 lessons. The program is flexible. So, you can complete the courses quickly or take your time. You can study on any day and at any hour. It’s totally up to you!

If I Learn How to Become a Dog Trainer, What Kind of Job Can I Get?

The skills you acquire learning to become a dog trainer can be applied to your personal pets or you can start a business as an independent dog trainer providing individual lessons or group lessons. Many pet stores hire dog trainers and apprentices to teach classes at their stores. With experience, even dog agility training or service dog training could be in your future!

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