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Why Educational Assistant Could Be the Career for You

Written by PCDI Canada on Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Posted in Career

Why Educational Assistant Could Be the Career for You

Love Kids? Looking to Test Out a Career in Education? Become an Educational Assistant and Play a Key Role in the Classroom.

Don’t be fooled. Educational assistants, sometimes called paraeducators or teaching assistants, are more than just babysitters or an extra pair of eyes in the classroom. Educational assistants are instead a lifeline of support for licensed educators and the young students in their care.

If you love kids but aren’t sure about becoming a teacher, becoming an educational assistant is the perfect starting point. The Teacher Assistant Career Diploma Program at PCDI Canada is an extremely affordable course that you can complete quickly—and on a flexible schedule.

Preparing to Become an Educational Assistant

The program kicks off with teaching assistant courses. These courses prepare you to add value in the classroom. They help you define the types of roles available and then examine any provincial requirements for fulfilling them. Once you understand how educational assistants relate to teachers, administrators and the law, you’ll learn how to be effective in the classroom using interpersonal and instructional techniques.

Children are often fun and engaging, but many bring complicated issues into the classroom. If you're not prepared, cultural differences and behavioral problems have the potential to impair any lesson plan. The teaching assisting courses at PCDI Canada address cultural diversity and offer strategies for building relationships. You want to give your students and their families the best classroom experiences available. Understanding how to communicate amidst cultural differences can make that happen. Additionally, lessons in behavior management will prepare you to handle confrontation, give out praise and determine what works in different scenarios.

And, of course, you’ll learn about learning. While you may not do the bulk of the teaching, your students will rely on you for help with comprehension. An educational assistant who understands learning characteristics and techniques for instruction can give students the best opportunities for growth.

Once you’ve spent time as an educational assistant, you’ll be in a better place to determine if continuing a career in education is right for you.

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