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High School Online, High School Diploma, GED Online

Earn A High School General Diploma From Home!

Online High School CourseThe High School General Diploma Program is designed for students who want a high school education and who do not necessarily plan to attend college.

Please note that PCDI Canada’s General Diploma High School program is intended for career advancement purposes. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for a provincial high school program.

If you are looking to get a ged online you may be surprised to know that research shows that a majority of employers prefer candidates with high school general diplomas. PCDI Canada offers you the opportunity to access an affordable online high school course that is also accredited in Canada.

This self-paced academic curriculum consists of textbook-based courses. Students use printed resources and progress through each course independently. It’s ideal for those who prefer hands-on materials.

Each Course Includes A Fully Illustrated Textbook

  • Our Student Advisor will evaluate your transcripts for acceptable transfer credit and you will receive a personalized program of study.
  • We’ll immediately send your first course so you can begin studying promptly.
  • Books and materials arrive by mail or courier. Start each course, study and take exams when it fits your schedule. There are no deadlines.
  • In addition to the courses that are required for graduation, we offer an exciting array of electives.
  • Send in your exams by mail or online, at your option. Receive prompt grading and feedback, and move on to your next course when it’s convenient for you.
  • All courses are one credit each.
  • To earn your general high school diploma from us you must have 23 credits and earn at least four (4) credits from this curriculum.

All textbooks and study materials are included with your tuition.

Enroll online or call 1-800-535-1613 to speak with an Admission Advisor!

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